Information Management System

Engineering Project in Community Service

About Us

Facts: Began Spring 2000. Winner of the Spring 2001 and Spring 2002 AMD Design Award.

Missions: IMS team designs and develops a volunteering portal in Greater Lafayette area. This portal is aiming to connect Purdue University's resource better with the needs in Greater Lafayette area.

Delivered: A prototype website done by PHP,CSS, and HTML was presented to community partners in Spring 2014.

Impact: Better allocative efficiency of Purdue resources and connection between Purdue and Lafayette area.

Area: Web development.


BoilerList will have most of the student organizations and service learning groups registered. It also allows organizations from the community to register as user, search for student organizations/service learning groups at Purdue, and post jobs(volunteering works). (Was previously known as BoilerConnect)

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GatherUp: Website and Mobile App

The IMS GatherUp team is designing and implementing a website and mobile app to aid the International Programs Office in keeping track of attendance at campus wide events.
The mobile app, designed for both Android and IOS platforms, allows for volunteers to quickly and easily swipe a students ID or input an attendee's information. This information is compiled and uploaded to the website where it can be downloaded, viewed, and edited by the IP Office.
On the website, the IP Office is able to create events that are going to be held on campus which is sorted into a list. These events are then ready to recieve information from the mobile app. When an event has passed and information for it has been uploaded, it can be easily downloaded and viewed for any relevant information and edited. The Office can then upload any changes and the information is now archived with its event.

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FairHope Children's Ministry is a social service organization situated at Danville, Illinois. The organization distributes clothing to the needy, referred to them by local social workers, case workers, ministers, and the like. In 2013, they served almost 1700 children and 600 parents. The Fair Hope projects aims to create an online scheduling assistant that will simplify the scheduling process for Fair Hope, and to collect and manage client information efficiently.

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Our Team Members

Jason Dufair:
Team Advisor

Jason Dufair is a Software Developer at Purdue University. With his team, he develops programs targeted towards improving student academic performance in the classroom. His programs are developed with the intent of making lectures more engaging.

Jason Dufair

Nusaybah Abu-Mulaweh:
Team Advisor

Nusaybah is a continuing lecturer in the EPICS program. She majored in Electrical and Computer Engineering and is currently pursuing a PhD in Engineering Education.


Dahjung Chung:
Teaching Assistant

Dahjung Chung is currently a Ph.D candidate at Purdue University. She majored in ECE and is pursuing her Ph.D in Computer Vision.

Dahjung Chung

BoilerList Fall 2017

Avneet Badwal

Avneet Badwal:

Avneet is in her freshman year at Purdue University. She is in the First-Year Engineering program and is looking to major in Computer and Electrical Engineering. Avneet is also the Webmaster for the Fall 2017 IMS team.

Fun Fact: "I have a Harry Potter tattoo."

Alex Gray:
Project Partner Liaison

Alex is currently a Freashman at Purdue University. He is in the First-Year Engineering Program. Alex is the Project Partner Liaison for BoilerList.

Fun Fact: "I played tennis for 7 years."

Alex Gray

Lorenzo Carvajal

Lorenzo Carvajal

Lorenzo is a Sophomore in Computer Science at Purdue University.

Fun Fact:

Raymond Dong:
Design Lead

Raymond is currently a Junior in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Fun Fact: "I play table tennis."

Ryan Spear

GatherUp Fall 2017

Steven Chan

Steven Chan:
Project Manager

Steven Chen is a Senior in Computer & Information Tech

Fun Fact: "I can tie my shoes."

Jalen Smith:
Design Lead

Jalen is in his Junior year at Purdue University. He is currently majoring in Computer Science.

Fun Fact: "I love Chance the Rapper."

Jalen Smith

Kalyan Mada

Kalyan Mada

Kalyan is a sophomore in Computer Engineering.

Fun Fact: "My feet are two different sizes."

Gokul Srinivasan

Gokul is in First Year Engineering at Purdue University.

Fun Fact: I've been a vegetarian my whole life.

Gokul Srinivasan

Tohme Tohme

Tohme Tohme:
Project Archivist

Tohme is a sophomore in Computer Engineering.

Fun Fact:

Guojie Wen

Guojie is a senior in Computer and Information Tech.

Fun Fact:

Guojie Wen

FairHope Fall 2017

Senzeyu Zhang

Senzeyu Zhang

Senzeyu is a junior in Computer Engineering.

Fun Fact:

Phot Thiewprasertkul:
Project Partner Liason

Phot is a First Year Engineer at Purdue University.

Fun Fact: I like reading random articles in Wikipedia

Phot Thiewprasertkul

Ji A

Ji A:
Design Lead

Ji is a junior in Computer Engineering at Purdue University.

Fun Fact: "I hate pizza."

Qiyu Pan

Qiyu is a senior in Actuarial Science at Purdue University.

Fun Fact:

Qiyu Pan

Anes Shaltami

Anes Shaltami

Anes is a First Year Engineer at Purdue University.

Fun Fact: "I was the captain of my high school's volleyball team."