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Code of Cooperation

We, the team members of Imagination Station, promise to conduct all team business based on our core 5 team values. Our core team values will create a baseline for evaluating our effectiveness during the semester.

The first core value is communication. We define communication as the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs for the purpose of mutual understanding of viewpoints. To live out this value, the team will promote effective and clear communication by making efficient use of email functions including having a quick response time and sending emails to all who may be affected by the information passed. In addition to email, the team will permit and encourage individual member involvement during meetings by having different members provide updates and asking for member input.

The second core value is cooperation. We define cooperation as the act of working together because all parties understand that they share a common purpose and agree on a method. To live out this value, the team will create an atmosphere where individuals are free to express concerns with current and future methods by asking the opinions of others after presenting information. Each sub-team team will share sufficient information and progress with the rest of the team during lab in order for members to become involved. Team leaders will support their teammates understanding of how his or her work fits in with the big picture of the project.

The third core value is responsibility which is defined as the reliability or dependability of a person who takes personal ownership of his or her work and duties. To live out this value, the team will hold members accountable that jobs assigned will be done within a reasonable, predetermined time. Uncompleted tasks that hinder the progress of the team will not be tolerated and will be brought to the attention of the entire team, advisors included. In addition, individuals will be encouraged and rewarded for supporting fellow teammates in their work because they show initiative and pride for the progress of the team.

The fourth core value is efficiency which is defined as the ability to accomplish a job with a minimum expenditure of time, effort, and resources. To live out this value, the team will neatly document all work, progress and recession, in an organized and searchable manner in order to allow smooth transition between semesters, and prevent redundant research and repetitive errors. Individuals will come prepared to meetings, having performed and reflected on weekly progress beforehand. Sub-teams will take special consideration when writing the conceptual design documentation, and they will make sure that it is agreed upon by the project partner, the advisors, and other experts, in order to avoid potential problems later on that may severely hinder project growth.

The fifth core value is creativity which is defined as the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, and relationships to create meaningful new ideas, forms methods, and interpretations using imagination and logic for the sake of progress. To live out this value, the team will consult focus groups consisting of engineering and educational experts on their opinions as well as groups consisting of children, the prime benefactors of the product delivery. Although teams will research historical data for safety issues and general guidance, they will brainstorm new ideas and ensure that they have considered a lot of options before committing to a single one.

Our team members page has contact info for each member. For general questions, email Erin Groll for help.

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