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We are a Purdue EPICS team creating technologies for students who are blind and visually impaired.

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What is ISBVI?

ISBVI stands for the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. ISBVI educates and invests in many children that, due to blindness/low vision or additional handicapping conditions, other schools have difficulty serving.

And we want to help.

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Nusaybah AbuMulaweh


Colin Bancroft


Shruthi Suresh

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Courtney Balogh

Project Manager

Meagan Williams

Project Manager
  • Alex Kohn

  • Devin Leung

  • Victor Pan

  • Maxwell Walsh

  • Meagan Williams

  • Agamdeep Chopra

  • Ley Yen Choo- Henry

  • Krishna Suresh

  • Austin White

  • Junpei Gloria Ma

  • Meriem Bounab

  • Theodore Burgwald

  • Emily Converse

  • Erin Gold

  • Anjana Goteti

  • Katherine Ho

  • Aditiya Mishra

  • Tina Mo

  • Kristin Mulet

  • Nicholas Rosato

  • Sheila Schuh

  • Emily Wilmsen

  • Serena Mackenzie

  • Larissa Phillip

  • Mridulla Unni

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  • Courtney Balogh

  • Nathan Peterman