EPICS is a design program in which student
teams have the opportunity to partner with
organizations, both local and global, to create
solutions to community needs.

Our Mission

Since 2005, the MOBI team has strived to
create technology to assist in human mobility.
Read on to learn more about our past and
current projects.

Project Sponsors

The MOBI team would like to extend a special
thanks to our project sponsors: Adapt-If
Technologies, Arcelor Mittal and St. Vincent
Health, for helping make our projects possible.

Our Team

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Our Projects

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Projects marked with an asterisk (*) have been archived.


This project, new to MOBI this semester, aims to assist the blind and visually impaired community by creating a robotic seeing-eye dog. The device can be programmed to include frequently-visited locations, and will eliminate the need for training dogs to be seeing-eye pets.

Braille e-Reader

To date, there are an estimated 6.6 million people in the United States alone with visual disability. Our project involves the design and construction of a multi-line, refreshable Braille display to be used as a Braille eReader. Our primary goal is to provide blind and low-vision people the capability to read multiple lines of braille instantaneously, allowing them greater access to reading materials.

Iron Man

The Ironman team is working with a local highschooler who has a lower leg amputation. Our partner enjoys playing sports, including baseball and basketball, but his current prosthetic is not meeting his needs. In the past, Ironman has focused on developing electronic solutions which are able to detect when his prosthetic is about to break. In the coming semesters, the Ironman team is focusing on developing a passive prosthetic which is able to handle the strains of and athletic lifestyle. In addition to manufacturing and testing the prosthetic, Ironman is also starting to evaluate options to integrate sensors in our prosthetic to determine stress and strain within the prosthetic.

Medicine Cabinet (Archived)

Indiana is the #1 state for prescription drug abuse, especially related to opioids and other painkillers. The MedBox team worked to design a prescription holding container that can only be accessed via a fingerprint scanner to ensure that these prescription painkillers cannot be misused. Project archived as of May 2018.

Step Stool (Archived)

This team focused on creating a portable, compact, and extendable step stool aimed at little or vertically-challenged people, allowing them to perform tasks they normally couldn't due to their height and increasing mobility overall for the vertically-challenged community. Project archived as of December 2017.


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Project Sponsors

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