Welcome to the EPICS Wolf Team

A New team formed in Fall of 2018, a part of the Purdue EPICS program.
Committed to helping the Wolf Park make meaning improvements both to their visitors, and the animals under their care.


The Wolf Park of Lafayette, Indiana is in partnership with the EPICS Wolf team.

Wolf Park is an educational and research facility, aiming to help people learn about wolves and the conservation of other animals in a safe and fostering environment, in addition to facilitating research on wolves and their various qualities and behaviors.

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Three Projects, The Educational Center,Fox Enclosures, and Bat Box were chosen

These three projects were chosen as three strong areas our EPICS program could help the Wolf Park with.
For now, this consists of helping with the redesign of some fox enclosures as habitats, as well as helping update the Educational Center, namely in a technical and child-friendly fashion. The newest project, the bat box, was created in the 2019 semester to create a full complete bat box to go on display inside of Wolf Park's education center.



Wolf Park makes all their money from merchandise sales and donations. An EPICS project would greatly benefit this organization, and is a great place for us to give back to the community.



Wolf Park tries to keep the wolves and foxes in the most natural environments possible, thus a fox enclosure project would have to keep this in mind when executed by the EPICS team.



Wolf park also specializes in wolf, fox, and many other animal education to people all around Indiana. Projects done by the EPICS team would have to keep the education of the people as one of the highest priorities.

EPICS Projects for the Spring 2019 Semester

Educational Center

Working on creating more interactive and updated means of displaying information that would capture the attention of children, teens, and adults of all ages, while still remaining educational.

Fox Enclosures

Aiding in the design of new fox enclosures for the Wolf Park facilities, as well as help redesign a roof for the upcoming winter months, and unimpeded climbing, for the foxes underneath.

Bat Box

This new project will feature a life-size bat box built by EPICS students and will be placed in the education center at Wolf Park. The bat box will contain information to help destigmatize of some of indigenous species of bat in Indiana along with interesting design ideas created by the team.


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