Sailboat Project

Project Description

The purpose of this project is to modify an AMF Alcort Puffer sailboat with universal adaptive control which allows children with disabilities to experience sailing. For the steering control, we provided two options which are the joystick and the sip-n-puff. Both of them came with waterproof design. We also created a LED user display showing the direction and the angle of the rudder. The rudder itself is driven by a servo motor. All of these components were controlled by an Arduino board. I programmed and debugged the Arduino code and finished the on-site testing, during which each individual function has been tested. In order to ensure users’ safety, I set the maximum angle of rudder to 60 degrees by software. I also installed and programmed a beeper onto the control box, so the user can get feedback when they are manipulating the joystick or the sip-n-puff. To help the user get familiar with the control system, a detailed user manual was created for each major component of the control system.
Start Date: Fall 2013
Delivery Date: April 2017

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Current Progress

We have made several improvement of the hardware including the user display, joystick, sip n puff as well as the wire connections between each component. We resoldered the wire connection to make it more reliable and water-proof. In addition, to help the user control the boat, we created a user manual with a lot of details.

Deliverables lists

  • Fully-tested Arduino code (completed)
  • Control box with power board, Arduino board and servo motor installed (completed)
  • LED user display (completed)
  • Outriggers (completed)
  • Adaptive seating (completed)
  • User manual for all the components (completed)
  • Actual sailboat (delivered)

 Overall boat design

 Inside the motor box

 Water-proof user display pannel

 Male and female connection of the panel

 New design for the Joystick connection

 Control Panel on the side of box

 Sip n Puff clip

 User display instruction

 Wiring connectors